April 10, 2014

Solomon's Castle

This may well be the strangest place in Florida. Hold on to your horses.

The first thing you see walking up is this huge tinfoil castle. Yes, an actual castle, made out of aluminum sheeting. No lie. It's huge, with stained glass windows, and the light bounces off the sides in amazing colors of blues and pinks. 

So you go inside and purchase a ticket for the tour. You then get led through this strange building, which turns out to be an art gallery for Mr. Solomon himself, who makes anything out of anything. Everything inside the entire building, except three pieces, were made by him.

Freedom of women, made out of an oil drum and chains...

Unicorn made out of a coat hanger - which is why Mr. Solomon has his clothes on the floor in his closet.

Our tour guide repeated joke after joke to the point where my grandmother was red int he face with laughter. Everything in the castle was a pun. Everything. 

And they have a boat?

And a lighthouse? (only lighthouse int he world to never have lost a ship)

The Shalamo? (it's his garage...)

In any case, visiting this place was an experience, and one of the strangest experiences of my life so far. You should check it out.

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