September 26, 2014

Adventures in Cross Stitching

I made new things!

So while it looks like this Gap Year Girl will now be taking another gap year, I'm going to try and keep producing and creating as much as I can. I've got a few new project to share, too! First of all, I'm finally working on writing the memoirs of my childhood here in France. Will let you know more about this project when I get more of it completed.

Meanwhile, Cross Stitch projects! I've recently finished a Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy project -

And I've taken some much better pictures of my carina nebula cross stitch. If you'd like the pattern, I'm selling it here!

Yes, I have an etsy shop now! It's called Stellar Space Craft and it's all cross stitch patterns for geekery. It's small for now, but I have tons of patterns in the works! So get excited!

Other projects - I'm self publishing the plays I wrote for camp. I'm trying to get all three looking good, so that'll be coming out within the next month. Yay!

Meanwhile, i'm rethinking my life. That's fun too.


September 15, 2014

Don't Hate, I'm Going Through a Hard Time.

Hi everyone. If there's anyone out there.

I haven't posted in a while because of all the crap I'm going through to get visas. Visas here, visas there. I can no longer live where I want to, go to school where I want to, without originals and three copies and a whole pile of paperwork.

Note to TCKs applying to university - run, you're doomed.

I used to love being what I am. Now, I just hate it. I can't do anything without filing a form first. I can't even leave the country now, because of how the process works for visas. My classes started last week and I'm still here, trapped.

I don't know what to do anymore.

I'll get back to posting regularly, biweekly hopefully, when everything cools down. Sorry for the disturbance.