June 12, 2014

It's been a while (an apology post)

Hi everyone,

I'm sorry I've been gone so long.Life tends to get in the way of my creative pursuits, and this was no different. So many crazy things have happened in the past six week. Not that I think anyone is reading this blog, but I'll tell you all about it.

First off, the big downer - the french rejected my application for citizenship. Supposedly, 'I don't have the funds to exist'. I'm not allowed to re-apply for another two years, so there goes my chance at a free university education.

But that's a rant for another day.

Good things have been happening too. I went to DC's Supernatural con, which was wonderful. Me some incredible people, and it turns out the cast of the show are all incredible nice people. I didn't expect that.
I also learned that I'm terrible at taking selfies. Every one I got turned out blurry.
But it was an amazing weekend.

The museum also held a party to celebrate Boeing's huge financial donation. I got to meet not only the CEO of Boeing, but the president of Rolls Royce, some speakers of the house, and apollo 13 astronaut Jim Lovell. It was out of this world.

We filmed a music video at NASM, which will never leave the confines of the staff room. But it's amazing and I really wish communications would let us post it. But it can't, so we won't post it.

And finally, I went to Bookcon. Part of the event was a lot of free books, advance reader copies that were handed out on the exhibitions floor. I've been slowly making my way through them, and I think I'm going to start reviewing them. I feel like getting a free book is some kind of pact with the author to tell him - and everyone! - what we think about it, and encourage others to get it too, if we feel so inclined.
I do feel so inclined.

So I'm going to review books.

So this blog had gone from DIY to Piss poor photography to a book review blog. Ouch.

Keeping that in mind, I shall attempt (attempt!) to write on a biweekly basis. We'll have poor photography monday and book review thursday, starting today.  Monday will be interchangeable. Over the summer as I get my hands on art supplies, I may post more DIY.

I'm also very active on tumblr. Come find me here.

Live long and prosper, folks,


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  1. OMG I really can't wait for WSHOST! I love Josh's YouTube channel and his fist book (just don't fall) but now you got me super pumped for we should hang out some time, that I want it in my hands NOW! Aha