November 14, 2014

Shopping Sarah's Stuff

I have been busy creating things, and don't really have a great platform for sharing them. So here's the best I can do!

First up, my Etsy shop. Many cross stitch designs here for the geek stitcher! The patterns for many of my Night Vale projects are available, as well as for the cushions I have made. Check them out here -
Stellar Space Craft

If you would like to purchase one of the scripts for the camp plays, look no further than here. These scripts are for christian children's plays; True Power is a superhero play about faith, and The lands of Exandria is a fantasy story about grace. Both are available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, here -
True Power: Adventures of the Hero Squad
The lands of Exandria

Some of my artwork and illustration designs up up on different cool things on zazzle, from posters to t-shirts to iphone cases. Enjoy!
Sharks vs Penguins Shop

I also have a few designs on Spoonflower, the coolest website ever. If you want to design fabrics, this is really the place to do it!
Spoonflower Shop!

Please help support me by checking out my stuff. Every penny of it is going into my education, so that I may continue to study Astrophysics. Thank you!


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