February 28, 2014

A New Knitting Adventure

As I marathon old episodes of Supernatural, I casually run the yarn through my fingers and over the needles, pulling out loops again and again and again. Soon, a form takes shape, stretching longer and longer until it is recognizable as some sort of outerwear, hanging limply off plastic needles and metal tips.
It is far from perfect. The stitches are irregularly sized and the color changes are sloppy. And yet, it is mine. Each imperfection is mine. And i will proudly wear my creation down the street, so all to see; it is mine.
You may think it costs the same as just buying a sweater, but it's far more expensive. The price of yarn may match that of a department store, but who can put a price on the hours you've pored into its creation, the sweat, tear, and anxiety you've knit into the pattern? By the end of the process, it's the most expensive piece of clothing you'll ever own.

Wear it proudly.

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