November 12, 2013

I like Pie.

Todays just going to be a short story.

I was working at the Air and Space Museum, watching the paper airplane contest to help prepare me for the day when I will be giving the demonstration. While I was there, a vibrant kid, a young 6 year old bubbling with excitement, was asked to come up on stage. Not shy at all, he stood up in the demo pit and proudly proclaimed:

"I Like Pie."

We cheered him on. Who doesn't live pie? He happily went along with the task handed to him, answering all of the questions with cheer and ease. He was smart, that much was evident.

He sat back down beside me. "I like pie," he said once more.

"I like pie too," I replied.

And then... the six year old began to chant.

"3. 14 15 92 65 35 ..."

He loved Pi. He gave me 33 digits of pi. All with this sly, proud smile on his face.

I wonder who this kid will grow up to be. Who did I just meet?

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