November 16, 2013

Personality Testing

Am I the only one around that finds personality testing to be... inaccurate?

It seems as though whatever result you get on the myers briggs test, everyone suddenly says "That's so you!". Well, in my case, I misread one of my letters and found everyone suddenly agreeing with the"wring" result. And then again with the "right one". It's made me wonder - just how accurate are personality tests?

The truth is, you know who you are. If not, you would not have been able to answer a single question on the test. No. A personality test isn't for you, it seems to be entirely for the benefit of others. People who just want to have another label to put on you.

Most of those questions you will find to answer differently depending on your mood. For example, the question on parties. Do you tend to stay late with increasing energy, or leave early, because you're warn out? Well, doesn't that fully depend on the party? I don't like going to bed late, so I get exhausted at later parties, but I still stay if I have friends I want to spend time with. And if I do leave early because I need some sleep, it does not mean I''m an introvert.

Or, on the question about having friends. I prefer having friends that I am incredibly close to, but I also enjoy knowing lots of cool and interesting people. But i have to reply one answer on that sheet.

And then there's the fact that people use these labels to make themselves exceptions. It's as if, as soon as they "know who they are", they instantly try to fill out that role, OR simply use them as excuses. You're working on a project, and suddenly one of your teammates says "I'm an introvert. I have to go." and leaves you to finish on your own. Or one person will not complete they're work on time and says "I'm Perceiving, so that's just normal."

Can you please just do what you have to do without excuses? Or maybe that's just my own personality talking, you could say. Maybe it's because you are what you are that you get annoyed at others who are different.

But I guess I'm just going to embrace being ENTJ for the rest of my life: but it will never be a crutch or an excuse. It's just another label.

A bientôt,

P.s. I was referring to the Myers Briggs personality test. If you want to take it, it's available online. It is quite fun to do with friends.

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