January 6, 2014

The Fourth Doctor's Scarf

As a whovian and a knitter, this project had a LOT of appeal to me. That and the fact that I am currently living in DC, where arctic winds have just arrived. I need a warm scarf. So better than make my own?

As with all my projects, I did a lot of research beforehand. I used this pattern at first, then went my own way when I lost the print out.

Here is my pattern:

And it gives something that looks like this:
Sonic screwdriver for scale

I used my absolute favorite yarn, Katia's 'Peru', which is a Alpaca/Wool blend, and fantastic to work with. Using size 6 mm needles (US size 10) and a garter stitch, casting on 40 stitches,  the scarf finished a little over ten feet long, and boy, this baby is HEAVY. Which is no problem in my book. 

The pattern above lists a count for the ridges, as they are the knitter;s best friend for counting rows - so if you want to knit this in stockinette, just double the numbers I gave you and you should be fine.

I bought one skeen of yarn for each colour, and knit until I ran out. All the leftover tidbits I used as tassels - I have nothing left.

Now, as for the exact wool I used, here they are:
Cream: 7
Caramel Brown: 32
Red: 16
Blue: 18
Prune: 25
Green: 14
Yellow: 21

And there you have it! Have fun!

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