October 29, 2013

5 Reasons it's Awesome to be Short

I've not grown since 8th grade, so I'm now a 4'9 girl whose French friends are at least five inches taller than. It's tough. The world is a strange place from down here, and there are some things my height doesn't let me do. It does, however, have some benefits.
Here are five great things about being 5'0 or shorter.

1. Leg room

Have you ever flown on a plane? Your knees hit the chair in front of you, making it impossible to move? Two large people sandwich you on either side, making you feel like a sardine in its can, unable to even breathe. Then the food comes, and you have to somehow balance the tray, your knees, and the people next to you so as not to make a mess. And you have to sit like that for hours on end.
Not us short people. For us, an airplane is an inconvenience, but at least we can have the slight comfort of fitting in our seats. My feet barely reach the chair in front of me.When food comes, I can pull out my tray, lean back, and enjoy the TV selection while my neighbors struggle to get comfortable.
I'm not saying I actually enjoy flying. Just that I have less reasons to hate it than most people do.

2. Hand me downs

Everything fits.
If a friend is going through their closet, it's so easy to say "Do you still want that?" and save a shirt for yourself. When a friend has made bags of donations clothes, guess who gets to look through them before they move on? That's right, the short girl.
And you think these clothes are not as good from being second hand? My new aeropostale shirt says otherwise. My ralph loren vest tends to disagree. The fact that these people are giving you their clothes rather than to some stranger means that they care for them.
So when 50% of my wardrobe is hand me downs, I can not complain.

3. The "Cute" Effect

When you're short, everything you do is suddenly cute. It's some magic I don't seem to understand, but that doesn't make me any less grateful.
Maybe it's something to do with being "mini". Who doesn't like mini things? Smart cars, mini coopers, mini bagels, mini golf, all wonderful things that are sometimes called adorable. It's like kittens or baby elephants. They're just smaller versions of the norm, but so, so cute.

4. The Best Angle

You know how (supposedly), taking a selfie from slightly above makes you look better?
Guess how short people are seen by the world.

5. The "Let me help you with that"

When a person like me goes shopping, it's a struggle. Items on higher shelves are out of reach for good. Luckily, there's always someone around who will help you get it down. Most of the time, tall, attractive young men. So... there's always a plus!
And when you're carrying anything, people immediately jump in to help. Maybe being short bring out the best in people.

So, as you can see, it really is great to be short, in many ways. However, I will follow up this post soon with reasons that it sucks.

So, 'till the nest time,

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