October 9, 2013

Challenge... Completed

If you've seen despicable me, you'll know (and most certainly love) those adorable yellow creatures so fondly refereed to as simply "The Minions". These lovable creatures are so simple yet so entertaining, and even manage to make slapstick comedy entertaining once more.

After the bac, a few of us went out to watch the sequel - which was fun, even watching it in french - and once again fell in love with the creatures. As we left the cinema, Alix turned to me and, looking me straight in the eye, said, "Sarah, I challenge you to make a minion".

Now I think she meant knitted. Maybe sewed. Certainly not a living, breathing minion (though they would give a whole new meaning to man's best friend - I would love a minion to help around the house). So I took her challenge to heart.
I think she may have forgotten about it; I, however, certainly did not. As soon as I was done knitting my latest sweater, I grabbed all leftover wools and got to work knitting the creature, with my mother's help with the details. It was incredibly simple to do.

Ok, so the final result wasn't perfect. I think I'll go back and re-shape the mouth. I ran out of blue halfway through and had to make do , which is why he has such low rising overalls. However, since he's stuffed with plush toy stuffing my mother bought, he's so squishy!
No I have to figure out how to mail him to London. I hope she likes him!

Oh, It's Kevin, by the way. From the first movie; I don't know why they're a different Kevin in the second one. Funny fact: when I was in primary school, my french friends found that the two most "American" names were "Kevin" and "Jessica". I don't actually know many of either.

See you all soon,

 - 6 days 'till DC! I'm so stocked! Hopefully this government shutdown won't go on for much longer... -

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