October 13, 2013

Let's make a simple hat!

This past week I returned to Laines Centre (the most incredible yarn shop in Marseille) so as to buy some yarn for a hat. I found a variation on the yarn I used for the sweater, still Katia "Aszteca", which I must say is my all time favorite yarn. It's soft and silky, and has the best variations in color you'll find anywhere. There was a grey to purple one I almost bought, but the blue of this one really sold it to me.

So here's the most basic hat pattern there is, for people wanting to keep warm int he winter. I find they take only a few hours to make. This one took three days of knitting in my free time.

For a basic 50 cm head, with a worsted yarn:
Cast on 110 stitches on needles one/two sizes down from the ones you will be using. This makes the ribbing tighter, more elastic. Knit about 10 rows in a basic K2, P2, so as to make a nice ribbing. 
Now knit a row using your larger needles. Increase by two so as to have a multiple of 7: You'll have 112 stitches.

From there I did a basic knit for another 10 or so rows. You want a good two to three inches before you start your decreasing. 
Now, here's where you must pay attention:
K14, Knit two together, K14, knit two together..
Knit a row plain
K13, Knit two together, K13, Knit two together...
Knit Row
K12, knit two together, K12, Knit Two together...

Now when I made this hat, I started decreasing every row instead of every other row once I reached the "K7, Knit two together" point. However, it's up to you if you want to keep on alternating or not. I find my hat fits the size of my head perfectly like this. 

Once you have seven stitches left altogether, run your tail through them, and use it to replicate the look of the basic knit. Hide the tail by doing a duplicate stitch.
And that's it!

it's so simple and easy to do, it's great for a first project, or a quick gift. Remember, when you're giving a friend a hand made gift, you're giving them your most valuable possession: your time. 

So enjoy!

A bientot,

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