October 14, 2013

Let's make cool pencil cases!

So here I am, packing my bags for a long, long stay in the US, when I realize that I have nowhere near enough pencil case space for all my art supplies. SO I did what any reasonable artist would do: I made my own.

You'll need:
25 cm zipper
A piece of plain fabric about 30 cm by 40 cm.
A sheet of transfer paper 
An ink jet printer
A sewing machine
An iron

It's very, very simple to do. However, You do need to have photo editing software. And maybe a small collection of badges.

Start off by scanning a page you like. I used old encyclopedia entries on weather, because It had some interesting illustrations. Just be aware that small details won't transfer perfectly on course fabric (like I used). It will, however, give it a cool grunge effect.

Now use your editing software to make your image black and white. I used the "Threshold" option on Photoshop, so that I have nothing BUT pure black and pure white. Don't forget to flip your image horizontally, so that your image will be the right way around when transfered. Print it out following the instructions for the paper.

Transfer your image onto the fabric, making sure to press down over the entire sheet. You know you're done when the transfer sheet seems fused with the cotton, but when you pull it back, this is important here, only the black has transfered, and the white has remained on the paper. 

Sew on the zipper, then turn the fabric inside out so that right sides are together, and stitch up the sides. Flip back around, and thats it! You can add a lining it you want, but that's a hassle. I find it works fine without. It's nice and sturdy and will hold all of your pens!

That's it. Hope this helped!

- Sarah

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