October 22, 2013

Because I like to carve pumpkins. Sue me.

Today was the first time I ever carved a pumpkin.
So much fun!
I was covered up my arms with pumpkin guts as I tore the unborn seedlings from its fertile, meaty womb, pulling all insides out to be tossed, and carving upon its still warm flesh.
Wow that sounds gruesome.
Here are some pictures, though:

I forgot to take into account the curvature of the pumpkin - so my design looks a little wonky. But who cares? I had a blast making it. The cheep kit purchased at the nearby garden store broke pretty much the instant I started using them, so I resorted to using a nail and a screwdriver.
My host little bro (7) told me it looks like a "scorpion viking knight with an eyepatch". I personally don't see it, but I give him points for creativity. Love that kid.

Anyway, off to visit my grandparents tomorrow! :)


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