October 7, 2013

Sunrise on St Victoire

I have to say that the St Victoire is my favorite mountain... ever. Well, maybe next to Olympus Mons on Mars, so I'll redefine that as my favorite mountain on earth.

Muse to the impressionists, to Cezanne, to Picasso, even, She sits on my front doorstep. I only have to cross the road to reach the first of may hiking trails.
But what's best is the sunrises. At certain times of year (Fall and Spring), the sun hits the clouds just right, and the mountain becomes the stage of a beautiful light show.
Just see for yourselves:

And that's just been in the last week! I'm so blessed to live here. I'm going to miss this when I move.

So I've been working on filling out tax forms, which is... difficult. Seriously, why were there no classes on this in school? We should be doing something about that.

You can buy prints of the St Victoire Sunrises I've been shooting over at my zazzle shop. I'll try to keep posting new ones as often as possible. You can also find prints of my artwork, of other photos I've taken around provence, and some cool shirts I designed. Feel free to shout out something you'd like!


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