September 10, 2013

Back to the Drawing Board

Today was rather difficult, as it would have been the day I would have started on my trip to Scotland, if I was going this year. Instead, I've had to watch my friends leave for their freshers' week, without me.
I wished a few friends off, going for our "last lunches" and talking about things we never got done. It's hard to believe I've gotten so close to these people over the past few years, and now we all have to go our separate ways... another curse of being a third country kid, when your friends spread across the globe for their education.

At home, I got a bit more sketching done. I've got a whole list of works I would like to get to, I just need to spend more time on them rather than drawing Nigh Vale fan art. 

On another note, friends going off to college means dorm rooms that need decorating. I've gotten more than a few commissions for personalized artwork!
Today I was walking through the quality art supply store (Papiertrie Michelle, for those who know Aix)  and found some wonderful sources of inspiration. You can now buy paper maché deer heads with detachable antlers. Neat. And there are more Moleskin books than you can count, including limited addition white "Petit Prince" books, and a sketchbook which includes maps of the London underground. I got myself a paper maché cupcake, which I have no plans for as of yet.

So I shall return to painting and drawing - but before I go, here's some good music.


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