September 21, 2013

I'm Going to DC!

Hello, Hello,

Rather than post a rant or a project today, i'm posting an update. FUN!
Anyway. So I got a job at the Smithsonian Air and Space museum as an "Explainer", basically as a cool science geek who gets to tell kids how awesome science is. Basically, my dream job.
I do wear a red shirt, though, and I can feel the ominous foreboding.

I should be leaving for DC within the next month, and will be staying with some incredible people stateside. Until then, I need to wrap up all my projects, and most importantly, make sure my visa is in the making.

* Side Rant here: went to Marseille to drop off my visa application. The offices open at 8:15, it was now 8:30. We reach the front desk and the woman instantly says "we're full, we've got enough of those for the day, come back some other time." Love French Bureaucracy :) *

St Marc is beautiful at this time of year, the weather nice enough to stay outside while with a nice cool breeze that tells you autumn is here. The mountain once again has its stunning sunrises. Just see for yourselves:
Every single morning!

Anyway. I'm working on a few projects now, which I should be posting within the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

Oh, and Landmark: just hit 100 views on this blog. Yay!

'Till the next time,

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