September 4, 2013

The Year Starts... Now!

Hello, is this thing on?


Ahem. Hi.
My name is Sarah - I guess that's a nice place to start, puts us on a first name basis. I'm not a blogger by nature, this is more of an... experiment, I guess, trying to give a bit of direction to the next year of my life. Please forgive me for the general lack of direction as of yet.
Let me quickly let you in on my situation. I'm an American, but I was raised in France, and want to go to University in Scotland - but since I'm not European, the fees are a little high. As I don't want to leave school in crippling debt, I've decided to take a gap year to resolve this problem. I now have time on my hands I did not expect to have, and I don't intend on wasting it.
So I'm working. Working on getting through a stack of French paperwork. Working on getting a job (so I can work). Working on getting things done that I always wanted to finish. Projects that have been siting on my shelf while I've had a Bac to study for now can be worked on. And maybe on the way, learn some valuable life skills.
Oh yes. Life skills.
It's disappointing they don't have classes for that in high school.
Meanwhile, I'll just share the things I learn along the way. And maybe some good music.

À bientôt,

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