September 25, 2013

Projects Update (and other things)

So much has happened in the past few days...
First of all, I've gotten hired by an association at Sciences Po (Paris) to design their flyers and their website. They specifically asked for "the founders of Europe... but sexy".
Which led to me having to ask them just how sexy they wanted. I ended up putting Mitterand's head on a bikini model (too sexy) and a party whistle in Sweig's mouth (not sexy enough). Eventually, we reached a balance. Here's my personal favorite:
I designed one with Thatcher (seeing how much she wanted to distance herself from this whole "Europe" thing), but unfortunately, it was confused as either being 
  1. Sexist
  2. Merkel 
  3. Mrs Doubtfire
Which I found highly confusing, seeing as how this is Sciences po we're talking about here, and they should really know their politicians.

I also finally finished my embroidery projects! The last stitch went on Zoidberg this morning, and I was sewing the pillow all afternoon. They're made from recycled jeans.

And speaking of recycled jeans... found an old pair I had put in the "denim" pile two years ago because it was too tight. it now fits perfectly. Success!

Before I go to the states, I need to finish my sweater. I'll work double time on it (I'm halfway up the first sleeve!) but I've also got some drawing I need to do, and I'm going to be painting the Paper mache replica of Thor's hammer sometime later, hopefully this week.

Until then, anonymous strangers on the internet... 'till the next time.


PS have some music

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