September 26, 2013

Making Mjölnir

So this week's project had been (among others) to create a paper maché replica of the movie prop Mjolnir from Thor ad the Avengers. There was no reason behind making this other than I just really wanted something to do. And so I did.

I started out with old cereal boxes and a paper towel tube.

Once I had all these put together, I cut out the basic pieces to the shape I needed. I assembled them using sticky kraft paper, and covered the entire form with newspaper and tapestry glue. 

I then gave the entire surface two coats of thick white acrylic paint and let it dry completely before I coated it with the basic colors I wanted: grey and black. The handle was left bare because i found pleather I could use as a more "authentic" grip.

I then did more detailed painting with a toothbrush to create an aged look. I blued on the pleather strip with basic white glue and then aged that as well by rubbing black acrylics onto it. And voila!

Not perfect, but fun to make. And it leaves room for pranks!


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